2nd meeting 2019: Daegu

Our second 2019 meeting took place in Daegu, South Korea.

Among the highlights from this meeting, here some examples:

  • A joint session about clinical decision support ubiquity -illustrating where WG6 works currently, and about the trends involving self learning and artificial intelligence;
  • Finalisation of the review for DTS 16971 “Requirements for international machine-readable coding of medicinal product package identifiers” (release 2019 to be published early 2020)
  • Progress in the development of DTS 22703 “Health informatics – Requirements for Medication Safety Alerts”
  • Finalisation of the new Technical Specification 22756 “Requirements for a knowledge base for clinical decision support systems to be used in medication related processes”
  • Finalisation of the first release of Technical Report 24080 “IDMP – Translations and Synonyms” with now translations in Arabic, Chinese, French, German (for Germany, Switzerland and Austria), Greek, Italian, Portuguese (for Brazil and Portugal), Russian. More trustworthy translations will be added in the course of 2020.
  • …and more!

We further had the opportunity to visit the hospital pharmacy at the Daegu Catholic University Medical Center, which has been very informative for WG6 members and a good opportunity to bring international ISO standards closer to our colleagues in that hospital.