WG6’s Framework

Scope TC215

Standardization in the field of health informatics to facilitate the creation, interchange and use of health-related data, information, and knowledge to support and enable all aspects of the health system

Scope WG6

Standardisation related to the application of information and communication technology in the domain of pharmacy and medication. This includes standardisation to improve patient safety and the efficiency and interoperability of information systems such as those used in researching, developing, regulating, supplying, prescribing, dispensing, administering and monitoring medicinal and pharmaceutical products, and documentation supporting implementation.

Mission WG

To help assure patient care through safe, effective and efficient use of medicines, which includes data exchanges with regulators, between supply chain partners, between solution providers for medication supporting softwares, databases and tools.

The WG6 Framework objectives are to

  1. support the needs of stakeholders in developing and maintaining standards at WG6 to deserve their needs
  2. coordinate WG6 efforts with the other WGs at ISO/TC215 and liaison organizations and
  3. demonstrate value of the WG6 work in order to
  4. attract new subject matter experts in WG6 sincenew standards are regularly in development
  5. assess the adoption and use of the WG6 standards in health information and communication technology products.


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