2nd 2018 meeting: 23-26 October, Paestum

This meeting has taken place in the South of Napoli, Italy, and grouped 35 experts coming from 12 countries, as well as liaison officers from 4 other organisations.

Our agenda items have been discussed as follows:

    • Revision CEN ISO TS 16791 : Health informatics — Requirements for international machine-readable coding of medicinal product package identifiers
      The revised document will be sent to international ballot shortly.
    • ISO/DTS 22756 Health Informatics – Requirements for a knowledge base for clinical decision support systems
      This document is considered as a good draft, will receive some changes following the Paestum discussions and will be sent to an international ballot.
    • ISO/DTS 22703 Health Informatics – Requirements for Medication Safety Alerts
      The first working draft has been extensively discussed and the project lead warmly thanked for the progresses made. Now the document will be updated according the Paestum discussions and a new draft will be submitted for the Spring 2019 meeting.
    • prEN/ISO/DTR 14782 Health Informatics – Identification of medicinal products (IDMP) – Core principles for Maintenance of Identifiers and Terms
      This document is welcomed and with few improvements will be sent for publication. It is considered that at a later stage, a revision will be useful, so that annexes related to the different IDMP maintenance requirements, ill be added.
    • ISO/DTS 23261 Health Informatics – Requirements for accessing digital medicinal product information by using the existing data carrier
      The working draft has been discussed  and in particular the clauses of this Technical Specification. Now the development of the document will continue and a new draft will be submitted for the Spring 2019 meeting.
  • Proposed new projects:
    • Examples and Logical Model for the Identification of Medicinal Products for EN ISO 11615
      This project is tabled until further information is received from various stakeholders.
    • IDMP – Translations and Synonyms
      This project will be submitted to an international ballot in form a Technical Report
    • Handbook about IDMP Adoption
      This project is tabled until further clarification is obtained.
    • Medicinal Product structured Labelling
      This project has not been discussed.
    • Implementation guide for ISO/TS 19256 Health Informatics – Requirements for medicinal product dictionary systems for health care
      This project has not been discussed.