Translation with thanks to Eugenio Rodrigo Zimmer Neves

Fourteen people were received on Thursday afternoon by the Pharmacy Department of the Regional University Hospital of Maringá (HUM). The group is part of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards Commission for the Study of Health Informatics, which has members in 28 countries, among them, Brazil.

According to Andréia Cristina de Souza Santos, a Brazilian member of the Commission, this entity is committed to studying and proposing parameters for the development of protocols and standards for the area of ​​health informatics worldwide. They study the practices around the world and discuss together standardization of electronic medical records, patient safety standards, among others questions.

These discussions are held twice a year in different countries. “This time, our meeting was held in Maringá, UniCesumar. Here in Brazil, our Commission works in line with ABNT [Brazilian Association of Technical Standards] and ISO [International Organization for Standardization], “explained Andréia, who coordinates this edition of the event.

According to her, the visit to the HUM was due to one of the projects that the group has been studying and discussing, which concerns the standardization of identification of medicinal products. Part of the participants in the event in Brazil expressed the desire to know, up close, the dynamics of the sector in a Brazilian hospital and the HUM Pharmacy team opened the doors of the institution. Visitors were welcomed by the administrative director, Cristina Puppin; by the director of Clinical Analyzes and Hospital Pharmacy, Cleverson Antônio Poças; by the Head of the Hospital Pharmacy Division, José Gilberto Pereira; by the head of the HUM Telemedicine Network, José Roberto Garcia; and by the Pharmacy trainee, Beatriz Lovo. The DFO chief was responsible for explaining the whole process to visitors. “It was gratifying to be able to present our management model for medicines and resources that are the  responsibility of the area of ​​pharmacy of HUM,” said Gilberto Pereira.

José Roberto Garcia also took part of the group to know the structure of the Network of Telemedicine (Rede Rute) Hospital, which operates on the second floor of the of the hospital.

Participated in the visit to HUM Chandan Keimar, from India; Jean-Gonzague Fontaine, from Belgium; Christian Hay and Eugster Urs, from Switzerland; Alan Taylor from Australia; Fábio Sarro, Adréia Santos, Rodrigo Queiroga and Eugênio Zimmer, from Brazil; Camiel Hoogendoorn, Shirin Golyardi, Leonora Grandia and Frits Elferink, from The Netherlands; and Cristine Hirt of Germany